Center situation
Exclusion fouls are major fouls and an important decision and advantage to the opposite team. That is why referees should apply this rule within the spirit of the game and advantage.
Many exclusion fouls are awarded automatically. When referees award exclusion fouls they MUST see a clear intention of the attacker’s action, to score a goal, move with the ball and on the other hand a clear intention of the defender to stop this action, prevent a goal or pass. Attacking player must go on the ball, not of the ball. Exclusion fouls must be avoided when the foul has no influence on the game. Sometimes an ordinary foul instead of an exclusion foul (centre-forward position) is a better decision. With an ordinary foul, the attacking team remains in possession of the ball. We cannot punish a defender if they show a clear intention to get to the ball (not the attacker). Exclusion foul MUST have clear influence on the game. Referee must see all fouls, but award the ones important for the game.
Talking about the center you have also to keep in mind the 2 meters line and the rule WP 20.10 that I'll put here below.

To be within two metres of the opponents’ goal line except when behind the line of the ball. It shall not be an offence if a player takes the ball into the 2 metre area and passes it to another player who is behind the line of the ball and who shoots at goal immediately, before the first player has been able to leave the 2 metre area.

We have also to look carefully the center after his team loses the ball and they have to transfer to the other side

Watch the videos below and try to understand which is the correct answer.

To watch the video full screen you have to press the button "YouTube", that will open the video in youtube and there you can watch it full screen

Question 1
exclusion or not
10 points
Question 2
What do you think of the decision at 2m line
10 points
Question 3
What do you think of the referee decision
10 points
Question 4
What do you think of the exclusion of defender after restarting attack? Is it correct?
10 points
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