Economy 10 - Price survey
Thank-you so much for offering to help! It's only with people like you that we can put pressure on electricity suppliers to change. You can submit multiple responses if you have more than one quote or bill, or are doing it on behalf of someone else.
Electricity Prices for Economy 10 meters
This survey is to collect information on Economy 10 meters. If you don't have an E10 meter, or aren't sure, then please don't submit your info (but thanks for your support!)
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THIRD RATE: If you have a third rate, please put details in the 'comments' section at the bottom.
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This date is particularly important - it allows us to know what's 'live' and what's not. If it's a quote, please use the date the quote was issued. If you're providing details from your electricity bill, it would be really helpful to know when the rates were effective from; but if you can't find this just leave the date blank.
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