GSG 2015 Booking Form (BOOKINGS CLOSED)
Please fill in all relevant information below to ensure your booking is processed quickly and accurately.

Please note, the stewarding team are unavailable until the end of July, so you will not get a confirmation email until then. Also, as the SCA is undergoing changes to the banking structure, we cannot supply banking information for direct deposits at the moment. Please book, and that information will be provided as soon as it comes available.

Payment must be made by 25th September 2015, through either Direct Deposit or cheque (made payable to SCA P/L Krae Glas). Direct Deposit details will be supplied once the banking changes have come into effect . . Once the Transfer is complete, please email and (Event Steward). Please include in your email: the date, the amount you transferred, the details you used and the bank's name.

Under the GSG agreement, priority for the cabins will be given to wayfarers, provided wayfarers book and paid before the 17th August 2015. After then, the *cabins will be open to all on a first in, best dressed basis.

If you intend to stay off site, please select 'camping' and make a note in the comments section to let us know you don't require camping space. As the prices are already reduced below 3 years ago, and due to the way the site is paid for, there can be no further discount.

Costs:- (Camping/Cabin Booking now closed)

■Camping with catering – $95 Adult Members and $100 Non Members
■Cabin with catering - $115 members and $120 Non Members.
■Children 13 or younger please discount above costs by $20.

Please Note: These prices are cheaper than the 2012 prices!

Day Rates (Still accepting bookings):-

■1 Day Trip Adult (No Food) - $25
■1 Day Trip Minor (No Food) - $15 ■2 Day Adult (No Food) - $35
■2 Day Minor (No Food) - $20

Sunday Afternoon Rate (Still accepting bookings)
■Adult (No Food) - $10
■Minor (No Food) - $5

Are you interested in participating in the Medieval Masterchef competition?
Please respond if you would like further details regarding structure and requirements for our first Medieval Masterchef, which will occur across the weekend.
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