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Fill this form diligently. This year we are gathering a bit more information about proposals than in the previous years. The goal is to raise the quality of proposals and get a better agenda as a result.
This example proposal from PyCon in the North America might be helpful ->
Also this guidelines/tips more or less apply to PyCon PL ->
Keep in mind that in PyCon PL case all the proposals of talks/workshops will be anonymized, so the Program Committee won't have information about the author(s) of proposals when doing reviews.
Chose a title of your proposal
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Chose a type of your proposal
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Specify Python language level of attendees for the proposed activity
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This description will be published on the conference website (if your proposal is accepted)
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Shortly specify goal of your proposal (e.g. familiarizing attendees with interesting problem X, presenting library Y which you created etc.)
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Describe the target audience of your proposal
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Detailed abstract
Provide a detailed abstract here (it's only for Program Committee, it won't be available publicly if your proposal gets accepted)
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Present an outline of your proposition in points, specifying required time for different parts
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Specify the amount of time you need for your proposed activity in the agenda (in case of talks, it includes Q&A time)
Special needs and extra remarks
If you need anything additional for your proposed activity (flipchart, ability to connect to the sound system etc.), write it here. Also provide here any extra remarks that do not fit to the previous points.
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Author(s) of proposal
Provide us with names and description of all the people (co-speakers/co-trainers etc.) that will be conducting the proposed activity. It will be published on the conference website if your proposal is accepted, but Program Committee won't have access to it in the process of reviewing proposals. Additionaly you may request assistance in preparing if you are a first-time conference speaker/trainer etc.
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