Membership Form 2018-2019
PLEASE READ: Welcome returning and future members of Barkada!

By providing us with the information below we will be able to contact you about upcoming events and activities. In order to participate in these activities, a fee of $26 must be paid. If you are a paid member, you get a free shirt, you can sign up for KAA, participate in Friendship Games, be in PACN, along with many other things. If you're not a payed member, you can only spectate for Friendship Game, be in the audience for PACN, and you won't be able to participate in our awesome events. However, you can still check out our Beach Day event where we have free food/carpools from campus and our First General Meeting on Thursday Aug. 30 to see what our club is all about!

Please attend all Barkada general meetings to keep up with the latest news and updates. Barkada General Meetings are biweekly ALTERNATING between Wednesday and Thursday. It is NEVER too late to join.

If you have any questions, email Justin Angeles at

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have a positive impact on my community.

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As previously stated, there is a fee of $26 that MUST be paid before participating in Barkada events such as Friendship Games. You can pay through cash or through venmo.
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