Core Team Application 2018-2019
We have some new and exciting changes coming to our youth ministry program this year! These activities and programs are not possible without help from energetic, committed, faith-filled young people like YOU! Both new and returning leadership team members must turn in this application before becoming involved in the youth ministry program.

What is Core Team? Core Team is a group of young people who have already been confirmed and want to help make a positive difference in the lives of other young people in our Parish community. Members of Core Team have a love for God and the Catholic Faith and desire to bring others closer to Christ. Members are prayerful, dedicated, responsible, creative, and positive. The Core Team will meet at least once a month to pray together, build one another up, and increase their leadership skills through planning events for our youth ministry programs.

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New this Year
Anyone who wants to be on Retreat Team MUST be involved in leadership roles for at least 5 Confirmation Prep sessions or assist in CGS sessions, AND co-lead at least 1 youth group or Emmaus night. Yes, Evelyn will keep track of who has helped and who has not. Retreat leaders are expected to be at every Core Team meeting, both before and after Retreat. This year's Retreat will be January 4-6, 2019
Core Team Meetings are Sundays after Confirmation Prep from 12:00-1:30 pm. First Meeting is September 16, 2018!
This form may be submitted at any point throughout the year, so get involved whenever works for you!
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