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The Educational Theatre Association in partnership with the member organizations of the National Coalition for Arts Standards (NCAS) are seeking educators to participate in the next phase of “Creating A Community For All Learners- Reimagining Standards-based Arts Education for Equity & Inclusion", a project focused on  reassessment of the national arts standards through the lens of culturally responsive teaching and student-centered instruction.

In Phase I of the project, a panel of expert advisors representing diverse heritages and communities,  convened to review the standards for areas of needed change or revision. The group performed a rigorous gap analysis to assess the national arts standards for cultural sensitivity and inclusion, producing a guidance document for standards creation and use.  

We are now recruiting for Phase II. In this next phase, a cohort of teachers and teaching artists representing the five arts areas will be chosen by the NCAS member organizations from PK-12 educational programs and school districts representing rural, suburban, and urban communities.

Participants will:
 - attend a two hour virtual training  in August 2024
-  revise a lesson plan of their choosing based on guidance for culturally responsive teaching
-  pilot the revised lesson in their classroom in Fall of 2024
-  provide NCAS with the final revised lesson plan
-  attend a final reflection meeting
-  receive $600.00 compensation
Total time commitment is estimated at 15 – 20 hours over the summer into Fall.   

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