Leave Replacement / Backfilling
Under our new public health sector agreement a health service must backfill:

1. staff who are on leave for 2 or more weeks (that is annual leave, parental leave, long service leave, professional development, study leave, sick leave or Workcover-based absences)

2. any vacant position until it has been filled
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Please tell us what the Grade/Classification is for the vacancy (eg Grade 2 Year 3 or Deputy Director)
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Time Fraction *
Please tell us what the Time Fraction is worked for the vacancy (eg Full Time, Part Time, Casual)
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Please tell us the reason for the leave replacement/backfill being required
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Please tell us how long the position has been vacant (eg 3 days, 2 weeks, 1 month, not sure, etc)
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Dates of vacancy / leave (if known)
Please tell us the dates for the vacancy beginning or the dates of leave if you know them
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Is leave being taken consecutively by staff?
Please tell us if you know if there is leave being taken consecutively by staff
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