Good Juju Energy Balls Subscription! Nom nom nom!
After seven years of making my insanely delicious balls, I am finally offering a subscription option to make it easier for balls lovers to order and eat these delicious round nuggets of joy. Order your Good Juju Energy Balls subscriptions here! Made with love from me to you.

Here is how it works:

- Balls shipped every 2 months.
- Always 3-4 flavors to choose from, some consistent and some changing! Mix and match what you want.
- Pay once every 6 months.
- For all new subscriptions purchased in April: get a FREE "quarantine care package" of 8 balls + 2 Kate's Real Food bars (plus a little roll of TP!) to send to anyone you choose to brighten their day! We all need each other more than ever right now as we all experience "stay at home" life, don't you agree? (

Three options (prices are for 6 months, includes shipping!):

- 32 balls every 2 months: $120 (includes a free care package to send to someone which is a $25 value!)
- 48 balls every 2 months: $215 (normally $225, also includes a free care package to send to someone!)
- 72 balls every 2 months: $295 (normally $315, also includes a free care package to send to someone!)
- Custom amount every 2 months (click the "custom" box below and we will arrange what you want)

If you order in April, first shipment would arrive to you between May 15-31. If you order in April but need to postpone first shipment, we can do that too, just email me!

I'll send you a confirmation email after you place your order. I make everything to order, then ship to you anywhere in the continental USA.

LMK if you have questions!!!! :-)

NEXT STEPS: fill out this form and then I will email you for your flavor preferences and to get the ball(s) rolling! Pun intended!!!!!!!!! I'm sooooo funny, right? :-)

Love and gratitude,

P.S. If you want to place a one-time order of balls WITHOUT SUBSCRIPTION you can always do so via this separate link:
What comes in the FREE quarantine care package (applies to orders placed in APRIL only):
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