National Capital Region THSOA Member Survey 2018
National Capital Region chapter of The Hydrographic Society of America (NCR THSOA) is looking for feedback and volunteers to help pave the way for the future of hydrography! Please help us by taking this 5 minute survey. Responses must be completed by December 1st to be considered for elections.

What is NCR THSOA?
Take the opportunity to socialize with your friends and colleagues from the area at Quarterly Meetings to exchange ideas, listen to expert speakers give great presentations and network with the National Capital Region (NCR) Hydrographic community. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), US Army Corps of Engineers, National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, US Navy, private industry, sister societies, and many other interests will participate.

Our Mission:
The advancement of the science of surveying at sea and related sciences.

(a) To enable technologists and others engaged in or interested in hydrography and related sciences to meet, correspond, promote, encourage and coordinate the study of such sciences in all or any of their aspects.
(b) To accumulate, extend, increase, disseminate and publish information and knowledge relating thereto and to facilitate the exchange of information, knowledge and ideas on all subjects and related matters of interest in this field.
(c) To encourage research in hydrography and the practical application of technological knowledge so developed.
(d) To promote the better education and training of persons engaged in or intending to engage in the study of hydrography and related sciences.
(e) To provide a center in the United States for bringing together relevant issues.
(f) To promote public awareness of the field and its social and environmental implications.

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