Smart Doll Lifestyle Photos + Selfie submission form
Instructions live in this post.

Fill in the form below and submit your photos to my dropbox.
The name you use when submitting your photos *must* be the same as the name you use for your details below.

I will periodically post photos from submissions which we feel match the Smart Doll branding and send out goodies accordingly - could be physical stuff or gift coupons

What are you submitting? *
Country or Region *
United States, Tatooine, Death Star Loading Bay 5311 etc
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First Name+Last Name (real or lala land) *
The name you put here *must* match the name that you use to submit your photos when using the dropbox link above or I wont be able to identify what photos belong to whom.
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What name would you like to be credited as? *
Can be your real name or your alter ego name (ie Bat Woman). Leave blank if you don't need a credit. I will can only credit you if I post your photo to social media as a wall of names below the collage wont quite work
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Must be valid or I wont be able to contact you
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Introduce yourself! *
Architect, designer, Tie Fighter Pilot etc. Describe what you do too (design houses, shoot down X-Wing's etc)
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Social Media or website
your website, twitter, facebook, instagram url etc - I will credit you by linking to your social media where possible. Type full URL (with the http://) and add new line for each link if needed
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How is Smart Doll part of your lifestyle & why did you choose Smart Doll?
Fill in if you are submitting Lifestyle photos - but would be great to hear from folks who are just submitting selfies
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Any comments about the product or brand
Anything at all - I'm all ears
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Was Smart Doll your first fashion doll? *
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