Michigan Invasive Species Virtual Escape Room by Erin Guesno
The goal of this escape room is to learn to identify some of the invasive species in Michigan. An invasive species is an organism that causes ecological or economic harm in a new environment where it is not native.
You receive a mysterious note in your mailbox from some top officials in Michigan. Apparently, there have been some invasive species causing ecological and economic harm in the state. They need your help identifying the intruders. You feel you could be of help, anything to save the beauty of nature all around you. Suddenly, the note you are holding combusts! You see a helicopter in the distance and watch in awe as it comes your way and lands in your yard. Secret agents all dressed in black jump out. You tell them you accept the mission. The helicopter ride is long and you are blindfolded. When the helicopter lands, the agents remove the blindfold and you are standing in front of a strange cavern with four doors. In front of each door is a different mammal. You are holding a note that tells you the adventure begins here. The note states: "Choose the correct door. Identify the invasive species on your journey. We appreciate your help!"
Which mammal is invasive to Michigan? Choose the door they lead you to. *
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