Call for projects - Batch 2
This program is intended for social entrepreneurs who are able to change the game in their field, by proposing a new way of tackling a social issue through technology.

These entrepreneurs can be of two types :
- "Tech for good" entrepreneurs, who have put technology at the heart of their system.
- "classical" social entrepreneurs, who seek to develop a technological / digital project to serve their impact.

In both cases, your application must demonstrate that the technology is strategic for the development of your organization, and has the potential to increase your social impact.

--------- 's OFFERS :

The selected projects receive an intensive support of 10 months to develop or improve an impact-driven technology solution, including:

 - a desk at Station F, the largest entrepreneur campus in the world and a privileged access to the 70 social entrepreneurs in Ashoka Village;

- € 50,000 worth of services from a team of developers, given by our technical partners. They realize your prototype according to the backlog built together;

 - A mentor who has a tech entrepreneur/CTO/CIO background. He leads you in your strategy and accompanies the implementation of the project on a daily basis;

  - A Tech Advisory Board, which is composed of 3 different profiles : CTO's, Tech entrepreneurs, designers, investors, consultants. They support the growth and digital transformation of your organization in the long run;

  - An infrastructure (tools/software) on which your technological project is based;

  - Acculturation sessions to Tech, and a Product Owner training (digital project manager) for your team;

  - Participation in major international events, to expose and promote your project.


To apply, your application must have the characteristics described below. The compatibility with these criteria will be validated on application file first, then, for pre-selected projects, during a presentation to our selection board in March 2018.

          1- The social enterprise is looking for innovative social enterprises that are revolutionizing the approach to a major social issue, and aim to solve a problem on a large scale.

- Social impact: the structure has identified a large-scale social need, to which current solutions do not respond. It has at least a proof of concept, and is preferably in phase of scaling. It is able to demonstrate the quantified impact of its solution, and its systemic potential.

- Innovative idea: the structure presents a major social innovation in response to a clearly identified need. Whether it is a product innovation, an organizational innovation, a new approach, or the identification of an emerging social need that no actor responds to, the project modifies the current paradigm regarding existing operators.

- Availability: the organization must commit to dedicate an employee (with technical expertise or not) on average 1 day per week, over the entire duration of the program. This employee will be the internal referent for He will be trained, accompanied and equipped with resources to manage the development of the technological solution. The entrepreneur / founder (if different from the project manager) will also have to be available for strategic arbitrations.

- The legal status is not a criterion.

2- The entrepreneur

Successful social entrepreneurs are guided by the ultimate goal of eradicating the societal problem they are working on. It is essential for us to identify leading candidate organizations at the head of candidate organizations that embody the problem they are addressing, and offer an inspiring vision for society, well beyond their organization.

- Entrepreneurial attitude: the entrepreneur must demonstrate strong leadership, a global ambition, and a very precise vision of the issues he seeks to address.

- Ethical fiber: the entrepreneur must put forward a coherent path related to his intervention problem. He must demonstrate that he pursues for sole ambition the resolution of a social issue.

- Creativity: the entrepreneur must demonstrate that he is capable of defining long-term strategies, while also solving everyday challenges (vision / pragmatism).

3- The technological solution

The technological project for which the support of is requested must be at the heart of the strategy of the social enterprise (multiplication of the impact, reinforcement of the economic model, improvement of the working process ...), or enable it to develop a complementary activity (new target of beneficiaries, new territories ...) whose base is digital. The organization must demonstrate that it could not have done it alone, and that it is ready to challenge this solution by our experts. The Tech support should not only be to benefit from free skills, but to think a tech project useful in its uses, realistic in its design, and sustainable by its economic model.

 - Innovation: the solution must not exist on the market;

 - Game changing: the application must be able to demonstrate that the development of the digital solution will allow a before / after in terms of social impact for its organization;

- Feasibility: an MVP (prototype) must be feasible over the period of support, given the technical possibilities and resources made available by in the following areas: Web, Blockchain, IOT, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data ... (non-exhaustive list).

- The numerical skills and expertise available in the candidate organization are not a criterion. If you know nothing about tech, but think that it can help you grow your Impact on a given problem, this call for projects is open to you. The response to the application form does not imply any specific technical expertise. If you are selected, will help you design a device tailored to your challenges.


- From December 15th 2017 to January 31th 2018 midnight (UTC +1): Submission of applications
- From February 1st to February 28th 2018: Shortlisting of 10 to 12 projects
- March 6, 2018: Selection pitches at Station F, in front of our "Critical Friends" committee
- April 2018: Start of the 10-month support program for the 6 to 7 selected projects

The response to the application form does not require any specific technical skills, so that any project that demonstrates its potential impact - whether geek or neophyte regarding tech - can apply.

The information collected is confidential, and commit not to disclose it under any circumstances.

For any question about the call for projects or program, we invite you to contact us at

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