Flash Fiction Online First Reader Application
We welcome applications from readers of all backgrounds, regardless of race or nationality, sex or gender, religion, disability, neurodiversity, or other social identity.
Applicants must be at least 18 years of age.

We are looking for readers who:
*can meet commitments and maintain timely communication with editorial staff,
*have above-average knowledge of English grammar and the mechanics of fiction writing,
*are able to read, appreciate, and judge stories across a variety of genres and styles,
*are able to objectively evaluate writing from authors whose background and life experiences may differ from their own,
*can give constructive criticism and positive feedback,
*can get along well with a large and diverse team of co-workers.

Readers will be asked to commit to a 3-month training/trial period.

Applications are currently open for the Apr-Jun 2020 quarter.
Tell us a bit about yourself! (100-250 words)
Feel free to include any writing or editing experience and/or any personal life experiences or social identities that may inform your reading.
Why do you want to be a First Reader at FFO? (100-250 words)
Let us know what you hope to get out of this experience!
What is your favorite Flash Fiction Online story? What do you like about it? (100-250 words)
If you don't have a favorite, please read our most recent issue at www.flashfictiononline.com and tell us which one story stands out most to you and why.
In submitting this form, you are indicating your willingness to volunteer as a Reader Trainee at Flash Fiction Online. Selected candidates will be asked to commit to a 3-month trial period, in which they will read and vote on up to 20 (500- to 1000-word) stories per week and work with our Editorial Team to learn literary terms and concepts that will help them evaluate very short fiction. Reader Trainees who successfully complete the 3-month trial period will be invited to join our staff as a full-fledged First Reader. Reader Trainee and First Reader positions at Flash Fiction Online are currently unpaid. *
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