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Animal Help Now lists individuals, businesses, organizations and agencies that assist with wildlife emergencies and conflicts anywhere in the United States. This includes wildlife rehabilitators (home- and center-based), wildlife transporters, wildlife rescues, wildlife hotlines, veterinarians who treat wildlife, animal control and state wildlife agencies that assist with wildlife emergencies.

Animal Help Now also lists wildlife control operators and consultants to help the public humanely resolve "nuisance" wildlife issues.

Animal Help Now reserves the right to edit, deny or conceal the listing of any wildlife care–related services determined to be out of compliance with our humane animal treatment policies, including the NWRA Code of Ethics for Wildlife Rehabilitators and Wildlife Educators (see and the BCSPCA AnimalKind humane wildlife removal standards (see
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To request that your wildlife care–related service be listed, first determine if your service is already listed.
Even if you are fairly certain that you are not yet listed, these steps are required.

1. On a desktop or laptop computer, open a browser such as Chrome, Safari or Firefox, and go to

2. Set the address in the text box labeled YOU ARE HERE (see image below) to the address of your primary animal-service location.

Note: If your operation is a rescue, hotline or consultancy, the address in the text box must be within your area of service.
Located on the main page of
3. Click Wildlife Emergency (or Wildlife Conflict, if your operation/consultancy covers wildlife conflict resolution).

4. A WARNING message will appear. Click OK to continue.

5. Look for your profile in the search results. Be sure to check both “Top Results” and “Additional Results.”

If your service is listed, please review your profile for accuracy. If changes are needed, send an email to specifying the phone number associated with your listing and the changes required.

6. If your service is not listed, click NEXT at the bottom of this page to fill out a request for listing.
If You Are a Humane Wildlife Control Operator (HWCO) or  Humane Wildlife Control Consultants (HWCC)...
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