VFL Artist in Residence Application
Thank you for your interest in the Visible Futures Lab's Artist in Residence program. Before filling out this form, please write both your proposal for your residency AND residency workshop and save in PDF format. The RESIDENCY proposal should include information about your intentions and desired outcome. Your RESIDENCY proposal should be backed up by citing personal work that demonstrates your ability to successfully meet your project goals and may include a 7 week timeline. The WORKSHOP proposal should outline the subject matter, list intended goals, and describe how workshop attendees would benefit from the workshop.

In the form below, please summarize your proposals in one paragraph or less. You will be asked to upload your full PDF documentation at the end of the form. Work samples in PDF format should accompany the documentation.

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Please describe what you intend to explore during the residency and what equipment you intend to use in the exploration. A loose weekly timeline is helpful, but not required. The VFL's primary interest as it relates to the residency is to promote the sharing of ideas around technology/science/art/design and how it can be physically manifested by using (and exploiting) our facilities. Projects that take full advantage of our digital fabrication equipment and push the potential of these technologies are highly desired.
In one paragraph, briefly describe how your past work will support the success of your proposal. *
Discussing past projects that clearly demonstrate the successful implementation of "Art + Technology" will be ranked higher than those proposals that do not.
In one paragraph, briefly describe what the workshop you'd like to lead would teach SVA students and the VFL community. *
We are interested in workshops that are going to transfer knowledge from your experience to our student users. This workshop can take the form of hands-on workshops, small group projects, or other formats that share knowledge in an engaging way. Typically, workshops are not more than 3 hours and take place in one day. This time can be split up into multiple days if the proposed format is compelling.
Would you need training and assistance on the Lab's equipment? If so, with which ones? *
Are you a U.S. citizen or eligible to work in the United States with your own work visa? *
Please upload your CV/Resume, work samples, and proposal here in PDF format. *
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