ISD 728 Parent/Student Self-Transportation Option
Parents/guardians who are willing to forgo district provided transportation due to COVID-19 education models.
As we approach the start of the 2020-2021 school year, ISD 728 is planning transportation routes for the three (3) models of instruction (face to face, hybrid, distance learning) that will likely be implemented. We anticipate that we will be moving between these educational models throughout the year and across the District based on the number of COVID 19 cases, and anticipate it may be a challenge to remain compliant with bus capacity recommendations provided by the Department of Health at certain times. Therefore, we are asking parents/guardians for their help. While we are prepared to provide transportation for all of our children, we are asking parents to consider transporting their own children to school if they have the ability to do so, forgoing District provided transportation services this year.
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