TCAT - Crossville Student Opinion Survey Spring 2023
This Survey is designed to give you, the student an opportunity to comment on your Instructor. Please read each question carefully and mark the appropriate answer.

In order to help identify areas that need improvement, when you answer a question with Never True, you will be asked to give specific examples and your suggestions for improvement. Space is also provided for comments on questions marked Very True.

The goal of TCAT - Crossville is to prepare students to enter the job market. Your input is valuable to us.
Please note that there is no right or wrong answer. We appreciate your honest feedback.
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Instructor’s main focus is preparing students to enter the job market. *
Instructor discusses class policies and procedures with new students so they know what is expected of them. *
Instructor maintains a well organized, clean shop/classroom. *
Instructor starts class on time. *
Instructor guides, directs, and supervises students work. *
Instructor exhibits a good knowledge of the subject. *
Instructor has control of the class. *
Instructor discusses grades and attendance with students individually. *
Instructor promotes safety and good work habits. *
Instructor follows a well-developed course outline including work ethics. *
Instructor follows and enforces school policies. *
Instructor is timely in grading and returning required assignments. *
I would recommend this Instructor to others. *
Instructor encourages involvement in school wide activities. *

Instructor provides media services in his/her shop. (Instructional books, references, visual aids, online media sources)

Please give specific examples and suggestions form improvements
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