Post-Survey - Ian Marshall Massage
Thank you for choosing this service. I hope that you enjoyed the massage and had a totally new experience.

Please note this survey is Anonymous. You can fill it in when ever you want. All the questions are optional.

The survey is used to improve the services of the massage. I would appreciate your honesty as much as possible.

Thanks again.

What is your profession?
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What is your age?
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Before the massage started, how was the communication towards your appointment date and time? how could it be improved?
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During the massage session, how was the communication? was everything explained in detailed? how could it be improved? etc
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Was everything described as is on the website? Did it meet your expectations?
If the massage did not meet your expectations, please explain why? eg: wrong information, etc
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If you would like to leave a review, you can fill it here. Again, this is all anonymous. This could potentially go on the website some day.
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Any other feedback will be appreciated? Please fill them in here.
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