Volunteer Sign Up
Thank you for expressing interest in volunteering here at Marietta's New Theatre in the Square! We are very appreciative of your time and commitment! Upon filling out the sign-up sheet below you will receive a confirmation email within 1-2 business days verifying the date(s) and position(s) you have signed up for, and providing your mandatory orientation dates. We are looking for volunteers willing to fill the following positions;

Program Distributor Greeter: This position is stationed at the midway landing portion of the steps, in the entry way to the theatre. The program distributor ensures that all ticketed patrons are provided with a playbill for the performance. This position requires that you are comfortable standing for a considerable amount of time.

Ticketer : This position is stationed at the main entrance doors. The primary responsibility of this position is to confirm that all persons entering the theater have a ticket and the ticket has been scanned prior to patron entry to the Emil Theatre. Children two and under seated on their parents' lap are the only exception. This position will scan tickets. The Volunteer Coordinator will see that usher has a scanner device. If ever needed (scanners are not working)- we also tear tickets; the long portion of the stub is return to the patron and the short portion should be pocketed for delivery to the house manager- to ensure an accurate house count.This position requires that you are comfortable standing for a considerable amount of time.

Seater : This position is stationed at the very top of the steps to the theatre. This position is responsible for directing the theatre's patrons to the correct seats. This means leading customers to their correct row and seats in most cases, going up and down steps. In many other cases, it may simpy mean verbal directions. This position is responsible for reporting any seating problems or discrepancies to the House Manager/ Volunteer Coordinator. This position requires that you are comfortable standing, and going up and down stairs for a considerable amount of time.

Special Assistant and Greeter: This position is a floater ( someone who troubleshoots and assist the other ushers and patrons as needed). The S.A. Greeter will have a smile and a welcome for arriving audience members, will be on alert for patrons with wheelchair needs, and make sure they are taken care of by offering to escort them around the side of the building to ensure easy and safe entry to the theatre. The Greeter will also provide directions to will call and/ or the theatre entrances. During the performance, the greeter's task is to remain visible and available to patrons. The Greeter generally stands near the wall on either side of the theatre near the back, in position to be spotted by patrons who may need assistance. S.A. Greeters always have a working flashlight in hand.

A more detailed description of your responsibilities will be provided in the confirmation email, as well as in your orientation.

*** You must 16 years or older to Volunteer***
***All positions are required to arrive one hour prior to show start time***
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