Let's put protected bike lanes on Highland Ave!
Due to major utility work happening next year, Highland Ave will soon be reconstructed along almost its entire length from Cutter Ave to the McGrath Highway. Reconstruction allows for a one-in-a-generation rethinking of how the street space is used. However, Somerville's current plan includes only incremental changes, and will provide no safe space for people biking along this important corridor. Instead, the City has proposed that people on bicycles come on and off the Community Path, via steep (and unprotected side streets) to visit the many destinations along Highland Avenue. This is an unacceptable ask for people who wish to use bicycles to bring their children to the Armory, shop in the small businesses, or visit the main branch of the library.

A design is possible which adds protected bike lanes in both directions, preserves existing trees, provides for transit priority features like bus queue jump lanes and floating bus stops, builds raised tables for traffic calming, adds green stormwater infrastructure, and increases the number of ADA spaces. This design would do more to protect people from crashes and would do more to fight climate change by making biking easier for people who are not comfortable riders. Whatever is built on this street will remain there for many decades so we should think carefully about the design and choose the safest and most environmentally friendly design that fulfills the needs of residents.

We are committed to make this happen but we need to collect as many signatures as possible so we can show public support for a better design. Please sign below and share widely! We will do everything we can to make Highland Ave safer for people biking.

Sponsored by Somerville Bicycle Safety, advocating for a network of protected bike lanes to provide safe and comfortable access for people of all ages and abilities.
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