Movement Generation: Just Transition Retreat - October 11 - 15, 2017 - APPLICATION CLOSED

A national retreat that will bring together diverse movement organizers & activists to explore the depths and connections of the current ecological, economic, and social crises – all towards building a Just Transition to healthy, life-affirming economies. Wednesday, October 11th - Sunday, October 15th, in Occidental, CA.


Any questions? Email Gopal Dayaneni (subject: RETREAT: "your question")

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In order to create an enriching and transformative experience, MG is committed to bringing together a diverse cohort across demographics, geography, work, etc. Please answer the following questions to help us know more about you.
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Please share anything else about yourself and your identity that you consider important for us to know. Also, please share any needs you may have in order to be able to fully participate in the retreat. (i.e. "When there is a lot of background noise, I need to see a person's lips to be able to follow what they are saying," or "I am sensitive to perfumes and fragrances.")
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Please briefly answer the following questions.
1) Describe your current political work, the constituency you work with, and the networks and political communities you are a part of. *
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This program runs for a total of 5 full days. We will only have the capacity for 25 people to participate in this retreat, and we expect to receive applications from more people than we can accommodate. Because of this, we expect a strong commitment from applicants to attend the retreat in its entirety. Strong preference will be given to individuals who are able to attend the whole retreat. Retreat dates: Wednesday, October 11th - Sunday October 15th, in Occidental, CA.
What are your food preferences or restrictions? *
Include any additional food allergies in the "Other" box. NOTE: OAEC serves nutritious and delicious vegetarian food with vegan options in their kitchen. The food will blow your mind and your mouth. If you have animal protein needs, please indicate in the "other" category.
I will have a car and am willing to drive/carpool with others to and from the retreat site
Important Note on Out-of-Town Travel:
Given that the Occidental Arts & Ecology Center is 90 minutes north of the SF/Oakland Bay Area, out-of-town travel to the Bay Area will need to take place on Tuesday, October 10th, at the latest. The retreat will begin at 9am on Wednesday morning. The earliest return flights out of SF/Oakland can be booked no earlier than 9pm on Sunday, October 15th. If your schedule permits it, we recommend that return flights be booked for Monday, October 16th. We can help you find solidarity housing.
Participant Fee Sliding Scale: $300 - $900 per participant (See below)
The participation fee includes lodging at Occidental Arts & Ecology Center from Wednesday through Saturday nights, all meals during the retreat, and all retreat materials. The fee does not include travel to and from the San Francisco Bay Area. Applicants will receive acceptance notices by March 1st. Registration fees will be due by March 15th.

Our sliding scale is based on your organization’s yearly budget.
Your budget is less than $100k = $300
Your budget is b/w $100k-$250k = $500
Your budget is b/w $250k-$500k = $700
Your budget is above $500k = $900

Contact us if you have specific questions about the participant fees, including individuals or organizations for who this may be a hardship.

Additional note: The actual cost of hosting this retreat is higher than $900 per participant. MG covers a significant portion of the retreat costs out of our general operating budget.

Our sliding scale is based on your organization's yearly budget. *
Please mark where you fall on the scale:
Thank You!
Thank you for taking the time to fill out the application. We really look forward to being in touch with you soon.
PLEASE NOTE: Applicants will receive acceptance notices by July 31st. Registration fees will be due by August 15th.
If fees are not received by August 15th, corresponding slots will be offered to individuals on the waiting list.
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