WFP Innovation Scan Tanzania
This form is intended for Tanzanian innovators / startups, as well as internationals that are active in Tanzania or have realistic growth plans for Tanzania. We are looking for innovations that are linked to SDG2 in the broadest sense: agriculture, nutrition, food systems, livelihoods, data management, logistics, emergency response ...
We are interested in technology driven startups as well as ventures that drive impact in novel ways (e.g. business model innovation).
As WFP Innovation Tanzania we use this form to identify candidates to potentially work with as WFP. If you are of interest to one of WFP's programs or WFP's strategy, we will reach out to you to identify possibilities to working together.

Please note, that submitting your innovation here in this form provides no guarantee that you would work with WFP or that WFP would reach out to you. We will do this at our own discretion.

We will not share your business data with third parties outside WFP.
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If you have previously submitted to WFP, please feel free to re-submit so that we keep you on our radar.
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