Volunteer survey (non-speech therapists)
Thanks for your interest in volunteering with OIC Cambodia. We are an initiative working to establish speech therapy in Cambodia. We welcome volunteers with a range of skills to advance our mission.

Please read carefully before completing the survey:

1. There are many opportunities for volunteers to support us, both in Cambodia and remotely from home. There is no expectation that you relocate or travel to Cambodia, unless you wish to do so.

2. If you are interested in volunteering in Cambodia, we ask for a minimum 1 month commitment.

3. If you have travel plans to Cambodia, we will coordinate volunteering opportunities with your travel plans but this cannot be guaranteed as our volunteer needs fluctuate throughout the year.

4. There is no cost to volunteer with us. We can't provide volunteers any financial support.

5. We will provide opportunities for local community engagement where available and appropriate, but this cannot be guaranteed.

If you have any questions regarding the above or the survey, please contact hr@oiccambodia.org

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