St Peter's Eaton Sq C of E Primary Pupil Survey 2018-2019
We want to know all about your experience of being a pupil at St Peter's and how we can improve this experience, so please think carefully about your answers.
St Peter's C of E Primary School
What is your Year? *
How happy are you at school? *
Very happy
Tell an adult if you are unhappy.
How safe do you feel at school? *
Not at all safe
Very safe
Tell an adult if you feel unsafe.
Rate your learning at school. *
Poor learning
Very good learning
How good is the teaching? *
Not good teaching
Very good teaching
How good is the behaviour at school? *
Not good
Very good
How does the school deals with bullying, if it happens? *
Not well
Very well
Tell an adult if you are being bullied.
I know who to speak at school if I have any worries about me or anyone else. *
If you were worried about anything, who would you tell in school? *
My teachers tell me how well I am learning. *
My teachers tell me what I need to learn next. *
The school helps me understand that people are different and that I should be kind to everyone. *
How well do you like play times? *
I do not like playtimes
I really like playtimes
Only answer the next question if you eat school dinners.
How do you like school dinners?
I do not like school dinners
I really like school dinners
Questions about St Peter's as a church school.
Can you select the school's Christian values? *
How do you rate collective worship (assemblies) in school? *
Not good
Very good
How much do you enjoy RE lessons? *
Not at all
A lot
Well done, thank you for taking part in this year's survey. Have a House point!
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