2019-2020 RAOA Quiz # 3
Jump ball
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During the opening jump ball to start the game, A1 who was in the center restraining circle, tips the ball towards the sideline, both B1 and A3 reach for and touch the ball which goes out of bounds. The clock shows - 17:57. No official is certain who touched the ball last. How do we proceed? Check all that apply.
2 points
As the R prepares to begin the game with a jump ball, A1 and A2 are next to each other around the center restraining circle. B3 asks the R to occupy A1's postion. Is this a legal request by B3?
1 point
A1 and B3 are in the center circle, for the opening jump. After the toss, B3 a 6'6" giant jumps, A1 at 5'9" doesn't jump. B3 tips the ball which touches B12 a non-jumper and the ball is subsequently caught by A1. Has A1 committed a violation?
1 point
Prior to the jump ball to start overtime, all officials need to verify the scoreboard is set correctly. Check all that apply.
1 point
During the opening jump, jumpers A1 and B1 are in the center circle, the R tosses the ball which A1 taps towards B's basket. B1 doesn't jump and leaves the circle in the direction of the tap after its touched by A1. Has B1 committed a violation?
1 point
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