Enrollment Form. - 2020-21 Virtual Academy School@ Supplemental Courses Application - (Grades 6-12)
Please complete all sections of this application and submit. Applicants and their parents will be contacted by email to attend an information/enrollment meeting held virtually.

This application is for students who are currently enrolled in another middle/high school but have the need for an additional course that does not fit into their schedule.

We are currently accepting applications for our first semester courses which will begin in September 2020. Our enrollment meetings are scheduled to begin in mid August 2020.

The Higher Learning Virtual Academy is a company of Higher Heights Youth Empowerment Programs Inc. The Virtual Academy courses are all taught by certified teachers through live instruction.

In order for a student to be successful in the Virtual Academy, they must be able to do the following:
• Middle and high school students should be able to work independently with minimal adult supervision.
• Adeptly use technology.
Never submit passwords through Google Forms.
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