AHS 2020-2021 Band Information Sheet/Contract
This form must be returned by May 15th along with your first fee.
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We have read and understand all attendance, behavior, and financial requirements for a student to participate in the AHS Band Program (as outlined in the AHS Band Handbook, Contract, and Student Conduct Agreement) and are committed to fulfilling ALL of these requirements for participation in the marching and concert programs. Absences, unless they are emergency doctor's visits, can result in the student being made an alternate to the marching show or sitting out for a concert performance. Check below to show your agreement. *
2020-2021 AHS Band/ School Website Release Form. I give permission for pictures of my son/ daughter to be posted on the AHS Band website an/ or the AHS school website. I also give permission for the name of my son/ daughter to be posted on the AHS Band website and/ or the AHS school website. I understand that names and pictures will never be associated with each other for the safety of the student. Initial for parent's signature: *
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