Saturday Star Meet-up <Effect> Photo Op
Comic Con Seoul 2019 'Effect' Meet-up Application.

<At Star Meet-up : Photo>
You can meet the star at the STARZONE and take a photo with him/her.

<Effect Meet-up>
■Date : August 3rd Saturday (12:45~13:15)
■Location : Comic Con Seoul 2019 - STARZONE

■ First-come-first-serve and ONE ticket per person.

■ The information listed below needs to be identical with that of the registered person. You cannot receive the ticket for someone other than yourself, and we will check identification onsite.

■ If someone other than yourself pass on this ticket to you or if you purchase this ticket through unofficial channels, you may not cancel or get refunded. Your ticket may become unusable without notice and you may face legal charges.

■ The ticket can only be used during the specified time slot.

■ Schedule might change due to unforeseen events; if changes occur, they will be posted on Comic Con Seoul's social media and official website before the event.

■ If you use identical emails/personal information to fill out this form multiple times, only the first completion of the form will be considered.

Please fill in your email address below.

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Consent to Collection and Use of Personal Information
1. Items to be collected : Name, Phone Number, Gender, Email Address, Age
2. Purpose of Collection/Use: Comic Con 2019 Saturday Star Meet-up 'Effect' Photo Op
3. Retention/Use Period: Personal information above is retained and used for the aforementioned purposes
from the date the applicant agrees to its collection/usage to five years later. Provided, however, that after the date that the
personal information will be retained and used only within the necessary scope for the resolution of dispute, and fulfillment of legal obligation. "Reed" regulations are followed for anything else.
4. Right to Refuse to Agree and Disadvantage upon any Refusal to Agree: You will not be able to be eligible for the photo op if you do not agree to these terms.
I agree to use the above personal information in accordance with Articles 17 and 18 of the 「Personal Information Protection Act」 including the consent of the information subject and specific regulations of the law. *
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