Grade 6 Elective Class Selections
April 12, 2019

Dear 6th Grade Parents:

As we begin to plan for the 2019-20 academic year, all students are required to complete an Elective Preference Sheet. Next year, students in grade 7 will receive a maximum of two electives. Please discuss the elective courses listed below with your child and write your preferences in the boxes located on the lower right. If your child wishes to take part in any of the major Performing Arts electives, he/she should have auditioned for these classes. Auditions were held in February/ March. Acceptances into the major elective courses are by audition or teacher recommendation only. We will do our best to grant your child one of these choices; however, the scheduling of major academic subjects and the fulfillment of New York State Middle School requirements take precedence over any student selected elective course.

In addition to receiving a maximum of two electives, all students in grade 7 will be programmed for Physical Education and foreign language classes as well. Therefore, students must select the language they wish to study in the box located in the lower right corner of the page.

Lastly, we request that all electives preferences be submitted to your child's first period teacher by Monday, April 15, 2019. Additionally, upon completion of this sheet, please visit our school's website to complete the digital version of this document. Kindly, click in the link entitled, "Grade 6 Elective Preferences". If no preference sheet is submitted and the digital form is not completed, your child will be given any course that has available seats.


Ms. J. Wigdorsky, Principal Ms. M. James, Assistant Principal

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