June 27, 2019 BSUG: The Maalka Platform
The Maalka Platform is based on the principle of continuous expansion - start with a basic program that works for you and add new programs when you're ready. Working with lots of data can get messy. The Maalka Platform is there to guide your organization along automated workflows to ensure that data across your portfolio is accurate and up-to-date, buildings are progressing towards goals, and participants are fully engaged. Maalka is helping cities and organizations all across the country succeed in their sustainability initiatives. Through collaboration with these partners, Maalka is continuously integrating new tools onto our open platform to help teams effectively manage data, interact with building owners and program stakeholders, and track progress toward their sustainability goals.

Clay Teeter:
Clay Teeter brings decades of experience building highly scalable software systems to Maalka, optimizing the Maalka platform to uniquely handle data streams for thousands of buildings at a time.

Clay has served as the Technical lead for projects involving DBA, Big data storage (Numerical Weather Prediction), and Scientific Computing Clusters. He’s served as the Development Manager for User and Product Delivery Platform 3TIER. He was formerly an Engineer at Media Lab Fujitsu Japan, European Union Help desk network and an IT engineer,

Clay was instrumental in preparing a startup as the Lead Engineer at WebNow working with clients such as NEBS. He co-founded BoundIP (Encrypted VOIP and Data SaaS Provider) and his background is in Physics and Computer Science.

TIME: 12:00 - 1:00 pm MT
LOCATION: UI - IDL | 306 S. 6th St.

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