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This document is the application to enroll as a member into The International Association For Creation. On behalf of all of our staff, we look forward to working with you!
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I/We believe in a literal/consecutive 6-day, 24-hour, creation period carried out by The Lord in the recent past as accounted in Genesis; as well as a literal, and globally catastrophic, flood during the time of Noah.
I/We believe that God made man in His Image by the way of Adam and Eve, on the sixth day, who fell to sin and were subsequently banished from The Garden of Eden.
I/We believe that Jesus Christ, the one and only Son of God, came in the flesh to live a perfect life and be crucified on a cross for the sins of man; He defeated death, rose on the third day and ascended into Heaven.
I/We believe that The Spirit of The Lord dwells within every believer, and that in the future The Lord will return to judge the living and the dead - those who believe to eternal life in Heaven, and those who are do not believe to eternal conscious torment in Hell.
The International Association For Creation Statement of Faith
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Membership Application Agreement.
By submitting this application, you agree to allow our staff to contact your ministry if necessitated by your submission. Additionally, you agree that your membership application will be reviewed by our staff for approval and your details kept on record.
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