Lunacy: reEntry 2021 Volunteer Signup
We are so thrilled you're interested in volunteering at Lunacy: reEntry, October 8-10th! Volunteering is crucial to the preparation, daily progress, and continuance of our event. Please fill out the form below to the best of your knowledge. This form MUST be filled BEFORE you are able to signup for shifts.

This unique event will look and feel smaller than unBroken Spring usually does each spring (about half the typical size). Due to the forced reschedule from the pandemic, there is a shorter timeline to put on this fall event, followed by ensuing preparations for uBS 2022. Community input and volunteer participation will be instrumental in determining the number of attendees, i.e. tickets that can be released.

We will primarily be using the Slack platform for inter-volunteer communications. You must have access to Slack on your smartphone or computer. If you are not able, or don't have access to such devices, please email so that we can help you find alternate communication channels such as email.
All information collected on this form is used by Houston Burners Board Members, and Department Leads.

IMPORTANT: You must check-in at Ranger HQ or otherwise instructed by your department lead before every shift.
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