August 11, 2022 Meetup with Extended Stay Rental & Rental Arbitrage eXpert Al Williamson in TAMPA!
So things are getting a bit crazy out there, or so some people think when it comes to buying and investing in real estate right now in our Tampa St. Pete area.  I beg to differ but that's me.  Regardless of what's happening in the world and it's craziness, Al Williamson is someone who I highly respect in real estate investing, and he's done a lot of things that even those who don't have deep pockets may be able to afford to do, to get themselves going even as prices are going sideways and cost of lending is increasing.
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There's less risk when you get great information on what you can be doing from this guy:
So why come out and hear from Al?  I'm so glad you asked:

Have you ever met a Jedi?  Well, Al is a Jedi when it comes to extended stay rentals and the entire rental arbitrage model.  Very few people have been playing in the space as long as Al has.  In fact when it comes to the BiggerPockets Podcast, he was on Episode #8.  Yeah they turned to him to help kick the whole podcast thing off!  He's taught a large number of people on what's he's done to be successful and get himself financially free from ever having to work for someone else again.  And he's going to give that insight to our group so you should come find out exactly what it's all about.  
What is Al going to present to the group about?

Seems that everyone is playing or wanting to play in the AirBnb game, however that comes with a lot of risk (both on the regulation side and the "are they going to damage my unit" side.  Well Al is going to present to the group about Extended Stay rentals and how you can start a business making cashflow without the high down payments and long term risks normally associated with buy and hold investing.  Doesn't matter where you are personally in your real estate investing career. Al was on the forefront of this business model and has been sharing it selectively ever since he got off his W-2 successfully by applying the principles and practices he'll be going over at our event.  
And we've got even more lined up!

Come join us for:

FINGER FOOD!:  Yeah we'll be getting some appetizers to start things off so come take advantage of them.  Please think about others & share.  We're not serving dinner so if you do want to get something else that'll be on you.  And sorry we can't pay for your drinks so that's on you too.  We like you happy, not hammered.

NETWORKING!  Our events attract the most BiggerPockets members across area and you'll get a chance to meet them all.

VALUE:  No where else are you going to get the opportunity to hear from BiggerPockets Podcast guests, and network with so many other BP Members, real estate investors, and other professionals.

Amount to Enter:  Only $0.    What a bargain.  Can't beat that with today's inflation rates!  You'll get a message after completing the sign up provided you give your proper email address.  If you don't get a message, that means you didn't sign up properly.  

Time & Date: 6:00pm- 9:00m on Monday July 18, 2022

NEW Location: Brick House Tavern & Tap
Address:  1102 N Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa, FL 33607
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