March into Reading Log
It's time to March into Reading!

Throughout the month of March, all Literature class in the middle school will be competing to see who can read the most books! Complete the the form below after each book you have read this month to be eligible for awesome prizes, including the ones below!

- Each student that logs a book using this form will receive 3 Tiger Tokens!
- If every student in your Literature class reads one book, the class will be invited to a special gym/recess period !
- The Literature class that read the MOST books will receive an ice cream party!
- The student who reads the MOST books in each grade will receive a gift card!

**Remember that all book submitted must be grade level appropriate and may not be the assigned class book**

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Book Title
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Number of Pages
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Describe your favorite scene in the book. Why was it your favorite?
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Would you recommend this book to a classmate? Why or why not?
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