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Cincy Jacks | Men's Social Club
This Member Agreement is a private record and required to be read and completed fully if you wish to participate in Cincy Jacks group masturbation sessions. We are being inundated with interest because of a viral comedy clip going around the web that we have nothing to do with. You are advised to not submit any Member Fees until you have been admitted into the group. Only serious inquiries and interest can be accommodated. Decisions are at the discretion of Cincy Jacks Hosts and Facilitators.

Steps Below:
1) Complete Member Agreement
2) Request to join our Meetup Group ( with a fully answered Intake Profile and Profile Photo that best reflects you for other Members to view and get to know who they will be sharing intimate space with. (No nudes permitted) Vague responses are red flags and delay the approval process. 
3) Submit a current, unobstructed basic face photo to for our private records. This photo will not be shared or distributed to others. 
4) Selecting a Membership Option via is one of the last steps after you identify a scheduled event on the Cincy Jacks Meetup calendar that you wish to attend and participate in. Reach out with any questions ahead of time. Contact,
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We encourage safe J/O play and stress the "No lips below the hips" rule. And while kissing is allowed, insertion of anything anywhere is not permitted - whether with yourself or another person. Some examples of permitted play: ⧁ Self-masturbtion and consensual mutual masturbation ⧁ Showing off and watching ⧁ Frot/Frottage (rubbing bodies/penises together) ⧁ Oral contact above the waist only (kissing, nipple nibbling, etc.)
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Are you interested in becoming a 1 Time Member or Full Member of Cincy Jacks? (You must be a Member to attend and participate in Cincy Jacks events)

Events, workshops and private parties will have information about the cost attached to the invitation. Most events are discounted to $20 for those with a 6 month membership. $40 is the fee for a 1 Time Member and $90 for a 6 month Full Membership to support your local Jacks Club and receive special offers that only Full Members are eligible for.
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Cincy Jacks Health Policy
You can read and sign the CJ Membership Agreement and Waiver of Liability below.


Please plan to arrive showered, not intoxicated or under the influence of substances, not smelling of smoke and free of signs of abrasions, cuts or cold sores. No need to bring bags or toys, simply bring yourself and be discreet.

No Vaccinations required. All attendees must be enrolled as a Cincy Jacks active member with a signed CJ Membership agreement and Waiver of Liability on file before being admitted. It is very important that you do not attend a Cincy Jacks event if you don't feel well. If you have any symptoms of Monkeypox or respiratory illness, not attending is a way to protect your fellow members and to help ensure that we will still be here when you feel better. If you feel sick, skip the Jacks and plan on one of our many scheduled events when you feel better. Cincy Jacks is committed to the health and well being of our members and extended communities.

Basic Rule of Thumb 

• If you have sores, a rash, discharge of any kind, have contracted or been exposed to a sexually transmissible infection, refrain from attending events until the issue has been resolved. We’ll have more! 

• Likewise, if you have any symptoms of illness or have been exposed to a cold, the flu, or any other infectious illness (including COVID-19) don’t attend. 

*Cincy Jacks events are for adult cis-men (persons who were assigned male sex at birth who identify as men) who present as men. Fetish or female attire is not allowed. 


I have read this Member Agreement, Agree and understand fully. Confirm with Name/Signature (Should match State ID) *
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