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Would you ever use a hot rock for Sugar Gliders?
Do you own sugar gliders now or in the past?
Do you wish to bred the gliders that you are wanting to buy from me, or keep them as pet only?
What diet do you plan to feed your gliders?
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If you do currently own sugar gliders, what are the ages, sexes.
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If there are males, are they intact or are they neutered?
What type of cage do you plan to house your new gliders in and the dimensions?
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What websites\books have you read and for how long?
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Do you have any other animals in your home?
Will they have access to the area in which your glider’s cage will be kept?
What room of your house are you planning to keep your gliders?
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Do you have a knowledgeable exotics vet?
What is HLP?
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Do you understand that sugar gliders are colony animals and if kept as singles, are prone to stress which can lead to depression, sickness and possible self-mutilation?
Do you realize that gliders are still this side of wild and can hide illness until it’s too late? Pet only gliders should have a wellness exam with a vet once a year and breeding gliders twice a year to check for overall health. They should also receive a Giardia parasite screening at this time as well, as it can come from other pets, food that is not washed properly and water sources.
Do you know about quarantining new gliders before introducing them to current gliders?
Do you realize that I will require a non-refundable down payment of half the asking price of the animals in order to hold them? If are purchasing two or more breeding gliders, I can arrange for payments with a reasonable deposit, and the gliders can go home with you once they are paid in full.
If you rent currently, have you checked to make sure your landlord will approve caged animals?
Have you checked with your local humane society to make sure sugar gliders are legal in your area? Some entire states do not allow gliders which include California, Pennsylvania, Hawaii and Alaska. Regional areas of the country that ban the ownership of sugar gliders are St. Paul, MN; ALL 5 boroughs of NY—Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Manhattan and Staten Island. Also, the city limits of Sedalia, MO. It’s your responsibility to make sure the area that you live in, legally allows ownership of exotic pets. If I happen to know your area has a ban, I cannot sell to you.
Have you picked out two sugar gliders?
Are you ready to place hold on your sugar gliders?
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