Global Big "Virtual" Latch On 2020 Participant Feedback
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How did you hear about Global Big Latch On Events?
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Which location did you attend? Please include as much detail as possible and the ID number if you know it *
Please include as much detail as possible and the ID number if you know it
Was the location you attended appropriate?
Was it supportive of breastfeeding? Was it WHO Code compliant (no formula or bottles/artificial nipples on display), did it feel safe?
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Attending the Big Latch On positively impacted on my feelings about breastfeeding
Attending the Big Latch On increased my confidence to breastfeed in my community and/ or workplace
Attending the Big Latch On has increased my awareness of what breastfeeding support and knowledge is available in my community?
I would recommend the Big Latch On to others
I would attend the Big Latch On in future
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Has participating in the Global Big Latch On affected how likely you are to access breastfeeding support?
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Have you attended The Global Big Latch On previously?
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Do you have any suggestions for improvement for future Global Big Latch On events?
Do you follow the Global Big Latch On on Facebook? Do you like the Facebook page or find it helpful? What else would you like to see on there?
Tell us about your experience of the virtual event?
Do you have any other thoughts or comments about the Global Big Latch On?
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