Double Take Arlington 2019 Story Submission
Thank you so much for your interest in submitting a story for Double Take Arlington: Stories that Make You Think Twice from the Arlington Community. If you have any questions about how to submit a story or have any technical issues, please email Commissioner Kristen Bauer at

Here are some tips from our Storytelling Workshop that may be helpful to you as you think about your story:

--The story does not have to have a big moral or lesson or theme. It does have to be about you!
--Think about the content of your story about also the style.
--Think about the first line and last line of the story, which are sometimes the most memorable to the audience.
--Use details like what you saw, tasted, smelled, heard and felt.
--In thinking about what your story may be, think about the challenge you faced, the choice you made and the outcome.

Please remember the following things to think about when you are filming your story:

--Find a quiet place with good light to set up your camera.
--If a friend is available to record your story for you, have them do that. Just make sure they hold the camera steady.
--Have your camera set up to record horizontally, not vertically.
--Try to keep your story to around 5 minutes.

Submissions will be open from January 14-January 25. Looking forward to hearing your story!

--The Arlington Human Rights Commission Double Take Team

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