Spring Honey Bee Field Day 04/25/2020
Thanks for your interest in our Honey Bee Field Day hosted by HoneyStrong! We are very excited to host and can’t wait. For those that may be a little afraid of bees, we have bee suits available to a few and will also have a screened-in tent canopy for those that would like to have an extra shield, believe me, I would have wanted this my first introduction to bees as well. :)

This is a great opportunity to see how honey bees live, work, and produce honey up close and personal. Please remember to bring long pants (preferably blue jeans) with closed-toed shoes. If you already are a beekeeper, please bring your beesuit/veil to help us supply others that do not have them. We look forward to having you.

If you are already a beekeeper and are interested in our bee supply items, please check out the updated catalog by going to the 'Store' Tab on this site.

Hosted by: Honey Strong Owner Cameron Spath
Event/Store Address: 1753 Ebenezer Rd Smyrna, SC 29743
Time: 10:00AM - 1:00 AM
Date: Saturday, April 25, 2020
Contact us at (704) 993-6833 or info@honeystrong.com
+ Free for everyone!
+ How to install a Package
+ Hive Inspection
+ Swarm Control/Splits
+ LIVE Swarm Capture
+ Russian Bee knowledge share
+ Flow hive, top bar, mini-nucs and langstroth hive inspections with pros & cons of each
+ Please arrive way before 10 AM

Items to Bring: Bee suit (if you have one), notebook and pen, and bring tons of questions!
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We can't wait to see you!
If you have a bee suit already, please bring it as it will help us supply others that don't have one yet.
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