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On 7 July 2018, TEDxHastingsSt pictured a bright future of cultural appreciation and exploration across multiple domains--national cultures, minority cultures, provincial cultures, organizational cultures, corporate cultures, family cultures, and personal cultures. This year, we will explore the hard work required to achieve that appreciation with a theme on questioning assumptions. These can be the assumptions we make in our work and businesses, our neighbours, our families, and ourselves. It's okay if your idea doesn't fit the theme, but it is a very broad theme for a reason.

TEDxHastingsSt is especially interested in those with technology and scientific presentations or presentations heavy on quantitative research, but we want to hear from anyone interested in speaking. If you desire to speak at TEDxHastingsSt 2019, please fill in this form to submit your interest. We prefer to hear from people who live in or were born in Hawkes Bay. However, we may consider people from outside the area if we find your talk interesting.

Also, please understand that we heard from several people last year, many of whom were from other parts of the world. For the main events, we want speakers of the highest caliber, but we mostly want ideas that are novel, inspiring, and provocative. Do not feel bad if you are not chosen. We may still use your talents for a TEDxHastingsStSalon (quarterly community events) or for a future TEDxHastingsSt (our main events).

If you are chosen, you will be expected to attend periodic coaching meetings and at least two rehearsals regardless of who you are or your experience. If you are unable or unwilling to do this, do not waste our time.

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