Moray Council Survey- Spaces for People: Questions for businesses
These questions are to help the Council plan to support businesses as best we can as the Coronavirus restrictions are relaxed, in terms of enabling space for social distancing and safe operation. This may range from providing extra space for queuing through to shared spaces for eating & drinking. We are developing our plans right now, and your input will be invaluable to help us get our approach right, and make sure we have the resources behind the scenes to process any changes such as licensing or planning permissions.

Inevitably, the questions are most relevant to businesses who have customers regularly visiting their premises, but this isn’t exclusively the case.

Please submit your answers using this form as soon as possible – will be using the information in our planning from 9 June 2020 onwards. We appreciate this is a tight turnround, but we want to work as fast as possible to get things ready.

Thank you for your time.
Nicola Moss, Transportation Manager – on behalf of the Spaces for People team

**All responses will be forwarded to the Moray Council**
What is your business name?
Which Sector do you work within?
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Please enter your address, contact name, phone number and email address below.
What are your plans for reopening? Please give a short general description here:
What are your proposed hours of operation / trading:
What is the normal capacity for customers inside your premises, and what is your proposed capacity?
Normal Capacity
Proposed Capacity
If you have been open, have there been any queues to access your premises so far?
If you answered yes above, how many people on average, and how have you managed the queues?
Has the queuing / will the queuing take place on your premises (eg a car park) or in public space such as a pavement?
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Are you planning to change the way you operate? Eg prepare food in a different place, serve from a different location, introduce a delivery service. Please give a short description:
Are you planning to make any changes to the layout or structures in your premises (eg shelters, serving hatches, additional tables / seating)?
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Please describe your changes here
Are these changes temporary or permanent?
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Are you planning any lighting, heating or playing of music in new areas inside or outside?
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If yes, please describe:
Please state if you have already made any changes to the layout / structures:
Would you like to use land that is not in your control?
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What would you propose to use the area for? Describe the area, and who controls / owns the land:
Have you discussed your plans with any of your neighbours?
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If yes, what feedback have you had?
Have looked at new ways of working such as pre-ordering by phone to reduce the number of people arriving at the same time?
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If yes, please describe:
If you are selling food or drink would you support a shared public space for eating & drinking near to your premises?
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Is there any specific support you would like to see for your plans to reopen / continue trading?
Thinking ahead, what is your vision for 1 – 2 years from now? What will be different or new on a permanent / long term basis?
If you have any additional information that will help us support you, please say so here:
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