After School Program Volunteer Application: GRC Spring 2016
Thanks for filling out a volunteer application! This application is due January 18. But first, please read a little about our organization:

Girls Rock Charleston empowers girls and transgender youth through music education, DIY media and creative collaboration.

We envision a Charleston in which girls and transgender youth…
★ Trust and support each other.
★ Create the images that represent them.
★ Recognize the power and pleasure of their own creativity.
★ Use music as a powerful way to communicate and exchange ideas.
★ Are encouraged to value collaboration and community over competition.
★ Have full control over their own bodies, sexualities, and reproductive health.
★ Are safe and encouraged to explore their identities.
★ Are able to bring every part of themselves into every moment and are continually affirmed in their wholeness.
★ Are valued in a collective community dialogue about what a safe community would look like for everyone.
★ We envision a Charleston where girlhood is a celebrated state of being.

Girls Rock Charleston values difference and does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, economic status, gender expression, size, physical ability, developmental ability, musical interests, learning styles, nationality, religion, thought, citizenship status, or sexual orientation in the administration of its educational programs, admissions policies, and other camp-related policies and programs, as well as volunteer and employment related policies and activities.

GRC is continuing it's new after school program that is based on mentorship, leadership, and music as a platform for social change. Students will learn an instrument, form a band of their own with other students, engage in critical political education focusing on a specific social justice topic, and organize and event where they perform their own original music at a real venue in town. No musical experience is required and all instruments and materials for the program will be provided.

GRASP (Girls Rock After School Program) will be hosted at Stroble Community Center on the East Side in Downtown Charleston, at 1 Stroble Ln. This program will take place on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from February 1st-April 28th, with a final showcase on Saturday April 30th.

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Volunteer Positions
Required Availability: At least once a week from February 1 to April 28, 4-6:30pm. This role can overlap with all other roles. Are you comfortable and excited to build relationships with teens? Are you interested in building a lasting relationship with 3-5 teenagers, where you could play a supportive and loving role in their life? Well, mentorship is for you! On Wednesdays, each mentor will work alongside one track leader with a small group of young people. On Thursdays, they'll support young people during workshops. This role changes depending on what's needed, but duties might include supporting young people as they make artwork; bringing new energy to your track when the times get tough; working with the youth during ice breakers, workshops, and showcase planning; and generally being a trusted adult in a kid's life. Mentorship is a special role for inside and out of programming, and can also mean texting to check in after their big test, treating a kid or two to ice cream after the program, or vouching for them when they're in trouble at school. A mentor can also help participants build their leadership skills by encouraging them to lead activities, or helping them write & rehearse a speech for an event. The sky's the limit!
Please list any important conflicts that you are aware of this semester.
Do you have any conflicts with the 3:45-6:30 time slot on any of the specific dates that you signed up to volunteer for?
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Instrument Instructors
Required Availability: Monday, February 8th, Monday, February 22nd, and Monday February 29th from 4:00 - 6:00 pm. We ask that folks who sign up for this role be absolutely certain they can be available for these days. Position description: A team of two instrument instructors per instrument class to teach the basics of their assigned instrument, and how to set up their gear. This includes planning two, two-hour long lessons, and creating a supportive learning environment for the rockers. Volunteers are highly encouraged to apply for both instrument instruction and band coach roles!
Please indicate which instrument you would prefer to teach:
Please describe your skill level below.
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What experience do you have being in a band, if any? What gear are you familiar with setting up and working with?
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Band Coaches
Required Availability: Every Monday from March 7th-April 25th (with the exception of school holidays), AND Friday, April 29, from 3:30-6:00 pm, and you must be available to attend the showcase on Saturday, April 30th. We ask that folks who sign up for this role be absolutely certain they can be available for these days. Position description: A team of two band coaches per band will work together to guide students through the challenges of being in a band. This includes setting-up equipment, song-writing, tuning, some technical music skills, creative collaboration, naming the band, making band merch, and many other band activities. Band Coaches should have some musical experience, or experience helping groups collaborate. Volunteers are highly encouraged to apply for both instrument instruction and band coach roles!
What experience do you have being in a band, if any? What gear are you familiar with setting up and working with? Do you have other coaching skills?
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Workshop Leaders
We are accepting workshop proposals that can fit into our focused social justice topic of the semester. This spring, we will be educating and organizing around youth arrests, school-based arrests, and misogynoir (the intersections of race and gender oppression). Political education sessions will take place every Wednesday of the the program. Please discuss your ideas and experience that fit into this curriculum below. We value creativity and collaboration, and some past workshop examples have discussed songwriting for social justice, and introduction to direct action. Call Micah if you would like to see a Workshop Course Outline or ask questions about the workshop application process: 803-984-6215.
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What skills do you bring that relate specifically to the workshop(s) you’d like to lead?
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Creative Mentor
Creative Mentors are mentors that can specifically help Rockers on Thursdays lead small creative activities to the rest of the group. Youth (12 Rockers total) will lead their own activity to the larger group every Thursday of the program, and will need help finding ideas, and developing their leadership. Volunteers that can commit to being a regular mentor are preferred, but we will consider volunteers that can come for 2 or more Thursdays to help with a super special creative project. This position is ideal for folks with visual and performing arts skills who are interested in helping youth lift their voices and creativity for change.
If you are unable to be a regular mentor, what is your short artistic activity that would you like to share with the Rockers? Please be specific!
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What social justice issues do you feel comfortable discussing with the youth and helping them respond to through art?
Ex: Police brutality, rape culture, misogyny, LGBTQ liberation, youth rights, school reform, gender justice, media bias, systemic racism, etc
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Does your personal artwork have a political message? Please explain.
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Showcase Organizer
This role is part of a team that will help organize the Rocker showcase planned to be on April 30th! Organizers will be doing tasks like finding a venue, promoting the event, programming the show, and making the event accessible for the whole Charleston community. The Showcase Team should be able to meet as frequently as every 2 weeks. People with interest in event-planning are strongly encouraged to join this team! And guess what: You can be a showcase organizer AND mentor/band coach/instrument instructor/workshop leader ;)
Additional Support Roles:
I understand that if accepted as a Girls Rock after school program volunteer, I will be required to complete both volunteer training and orientation in order to participate in the program. I also understand that serving as a volunteer for GRASP, I agree to abide by the regulations and protocols of the program and fully discharge Girls Rock from liability and claims resulting from my volunteerism. (Sign first and last name below)
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Thank you for filling out this application! You rock!
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