Circus for Change Questionnaire
Circus for Change is a group composed of primarily White circus artists created in response to the racial injustice highlighted by both the pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement. Our aim is to aid in the responses of our peers and ourselves to confront the inequity within circus. Beyond the education of these issues, we strive to close the gap by curating and disseminating resources including, but not limited to: best practices for hiring and coaching artists of all backgrounds, a master list of circuses/studios founded by black artists, relief funds for BIPOC circus artists, resources on the history of circus, and information on race and its role in the circus community, both past and present.
This questionnaire is for ALL CIRCUS PARTICIPANTS (of any sex, gender, ethnicity, size, ability, profession) and enables us to get a big picture of potential equity issues in circus spaces rather than assuming something is an issue. The data will be essential in cataloging the state of circus today and advocating for resource distribution where it is needed. We intend to use this to highlight facets of privilege and exclusion specific to circus, guide our own future work around advocacy, and challenge the rest of the circus community to do the same.

This questionnaire should take about 10 minutes. We appreciate you taking the time to respond and will be publishing results in the coming months. Results will be published in summarized articles, paraphrased quotes, data analysis, and video discussion. All answers will be anonymous and only two questions are required to answer. Please share widely if possible so this survey has the highest level of efficacy.
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Circus Home-base (City, State/Province, Country) *
Role in Circus (choose as many as apply) *
Regarding your experience in circus, to what extent would you agree with these statements?
Strongly Disagree
Neither Agree nor Disagree
Strongly Agree
I feel comfortable in circus spaces
I am at ease to be myself in auditions
People respect my expertise
I feel comfortable in my own body
My circus space represents the diversity of where I live
I have had trouble with costuming or makeup during a gig
I oftentimes feel like “the only one who looks like me” in circus spaces
I get the opportunities/pay/recognition I deserve
It turns people off when I “self-promote”
People see me as a representative for a racial or ethnic group
I have to alter my appearance/demeanor to “fit in”
People misidentify my role in my circus space
I actively promote diversity outreach with my position
I feel properly educated for my position
People seem surprised when I perform well
Most of my peers look like me
I am aware of hiring/gig opportunities in my area
I have had a mentor in my field
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In terms of personal experience, how would you rate your feeling of inclusion in the following settings?
Very good
With peers in a professional setting
At gigs/auditions/on tour
Socializing outside a circus institution
On social media/online
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Feel free to expand on your answers here
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