Ghostfest 2012 Show Submission
This is the official show submission form for Ghostfest 2012, which is taking place at The Torch Theatre (4721 North Central Avenue in Phoenix, Arizona) on Friday, October 26th through Sunday, October 28th. Submissions are open until Friday, September 14, 2012. Have a good luck!
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All submissions will be considered, but performance slots during primetime (5pm-Midnight) will be limited. While no submission is guaranteed any particular time slot, we should strongly consider your show for (choose any & all that apply): *
I understand that while Ghostfest 2012 might not be able to accommodate all of the shows submitted that we'll try our best. *
I understand that Ghostfest, while ridiculous, fantastic, and fun in and of itself, is a fundraiser for the Phoenix Improv Festival. I understand that every $10 performer pass (waived for performers from outside Arizona) helps support the awesomeness of PIF. Finally, I understand that every Arizona-based performer in my show needs to have a performer pass to perform in Ghostfest 2012 and that I will communicate that to them. *
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