Moretti's Towing Application
Core Role Play is always looking for new talent to join our whitelisted jobs in the server to help build our community. We aim to have various players that bring in different levels of experience and background. All of our whitelisted jobs are strictly volunteered and these individuals must have a passion for both role play and the community.

General Mechanic Requirements:

- Account must be in good standing with no recent and/or serious rule violations.
- Must be able to read, write, and speak fluent English.
- Maintain consistent activity within the community.
- Must have general knowledge or willingness to learn of how North American mechanics operate.
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Character's Name *
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Character's Date of Birth *
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How much experience do you have playing Grand Theft Auto: V? *
This includes standard single player and Grand Theft Auto Online. This does NOT include FiveM.
How much experience do you have playing FiveM? *
This only includes time spent playing the FiveM modification for GTA: V.
How long have you been apart of the Core Role Play community? *
How much prior experience do you have in the position you are applying for? *
Please explain in detail how you would benefit the Core Role Play community in the position you are applying for. *
Include any details of past experience, situations, or references that could provide details about you that would help us make a decision on your application.
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Please ensure you have joined our Discord before submitting your application. Visit our website for a direct Discord invite.
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