Procurement Education Partnership Seminar June 6, 2019
Thank you for your interest.

Registration for the June 6 PEP Seminar is now closed, but you are still welcome to attend the webinar.

We are using Google Hangouts for this webinar. There are potential challenges as the audience has the same authority as the presenter, but we trust you all to help us pull this off without mishap. Please read the note below to see the steps to take if something inadvertently goes wrong.

Join Hangouts Meet - June 6 PEP Seminar

Option 1 (Join by computer): Listen through your computer speakers or a headphone connected to your computer*
Option 2 (Join by phone): ‪+1 234-719-3714‬ PIN: ‪675 528‬#
*We ask that if possible you only join by computer.


Google Hangouts only works in the Chrome web-browser. If you do not have Chrome, you will need to arrange its install prior to the seminar.

The last question you will be asked prior to entering the webinar is if you want your microphone and video feed on. We ask that you mute sound and turn off and that you remain muted throughout the meeting.

Once you join the meeting, locate "Justin Dalton" and click on his name to "pin" him as the presenter you want to watch.

We have someone at the seminar monitoring so that you have the option of asking questions by typing a question in the chat. Our person will try and answer the question or, as appropriate, ask the question of the presenters.

Do NOT explore the bells and whistles of the Google Hangouts system during the seminar as you could accidentally take over the presentation. When an individual takes over the presentation, it usually causes all attendees to shift to that person's screen. That means if you do it, everyone will see what you are doing. If a problem arises, the tech team will do the only thing they can do to stop the situation: remove the person out of the meeting. The person will be able to log back in using the link in this email. If this situation happens and you are inadvertently taken to another participants screen, click on Michael Glenn again to return to viewing the seminar.

If you have trouble the day of the seminar, please contact Blake Porter. He will occasionally be monitoring his email. Send him your phone number in your email, just in case he cannot solve the situation via email. Email:

Thank you.

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