SUAVE 101: Apply to Graduate

- Graduating the 101 gives you hardware privileges. You can check out these (and other!) kits whenever you want to keep improving your knowledge!

While we have your attention, let's make it clear what this course is and isn't. We're a group of Stanford students, who run this course completely free. We work hard to make the materials, get the parts donated (and often replaced our of our own pocket!), and try to foster a community of UAV enthusiasts on campus. If you didn't really complete this course, and/or feel like learning another platform, feel free to retake it, we'd be happy to have you back! If you enjoyed it and want to continue, please stay involved, we're a very young club and if you want, you can grow this club in whatever way you want!

Happy Flying!

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What was your progress on exit?
Especially if you did not complete, how far did you get and what happened?
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*** Course Content Completed ***
We want to know all the parts you feel comfortable with as a drone operator!
"I now have knowledge of..." *
Check all the concepts and skills you are comfortable with upon graduation. You are not required to have knowledge of all these parts, we're just tracking what people are learning!
Hardware Status
Did you encounter any hardware issues? *
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Are there any parts broken on your quad? *
We know mistakes happen, and UAVs crash. We just need to know so we can replace things before the next group takes over, so they don't start with broken components!
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What was the most useful aspects of the course? *
Feel free to choose multiple
Is there anything you think we did particularly well, or someone you'd like to give props to?
We wanna know what we're doing right :)
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Is there anything you wish we were doing or doing better?
We also wanna know where we're messing up!
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What was the biggest hinderances in the current course?
Where should we most immediately spend our money and time to improve things?
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Anything Else?
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What's Next
Which of the following Post-101 Project Opportunities would you be interested in?
Would you like to be contacted about Post-101 Project Opportunities? *
Did you pay the $50 remaining if you wanted to keep your aircraft? *
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