#notGDC 2020 Submission Form
Thank you for submitting to #notGDC 2020! We just need a few bits of information to receive your submission. Submissions normally go up within twelve hours of being received on our @notgdc Twitter, website (http://notgdc.fun) and Discord channel (https://discord.gg/rpy3ZfK), but sometimes we get caught between timezones or are extra busy. Please bear with us!

If there are any problems or you need to ask a question, you can tweet at @notgdc, or at @lucyamorris or @mtrc.
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Paste a URL you'd like us to link to. If your submission doesn't have a URL or there's any reason you can't provide us with one, feel free to contact us on Twitter: @notgdc.
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In the unlikely event of a problem, how can we contact you?
We won't share this information with anyone and we'll delete this contact information after #notGDC has ended. This is only if there's a problem linking up your submission on our site, or if we have a question.
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