Buy/Sell BitClout at a discount
Until BitClout provides liquidity themselves, this is a simple, safe, & easy way for you to exchange BitClout for Bitcoin, & even buy BitClout at a discount.

Sell: 30% below "spot", i.e. if you have $1000 in BitClout, you can get $700 in Bitcoin for it
Buy: 15% below "spot", i.e. pay $850 in Bitcoin for $1000 in BitClout

Why should you trust me?

I have a decent following on Twitter (3k) & LinkedIn (6k) & am not here to scam you. My personal brand & followings are at stake.

What does the process look like?

First, fill out this form with your details (rough estimate of $ amount ok) & I'll DM you on Twitter.

To sell BitClout: you'll send me x amount of BitClout on BitClout (my handle is lukecannon727). Once I confirm receipt, I'll send the appropriate amount of Bitcoin to the address you provide below.

To buy BitClout, I'll DM you my wallet address & you'll send me x amount of Bitcoin there. Once I confirm receipt, I'll send the appropriate amount of BitClout to your BitClout handle.

Note: before starting any trade, I will DM you on Twitter to confirm details.

DM me on Twitter (@lukecannon727) if you have any questions!

P.S. if you'd like to pay with a Dunkin gift card instead of Bitcoin, that works too - just received this notice from my wife :)
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If you want to sell BitClout, please paste your wallet address below. Note: please triple check this. I'm not responsible if you make a typo.
If you want to buy BitClout, what's your BitClout handle? (so I can send you BitClout)
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